Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Coffee Shop

With the ever increasing demand for coffee consumption in the country, the idea of opening up a coffee shop may be an exciting and great investment decision that will not only bring in more income but will plug the need for a coffee shop in an area that lacks one or needs an additional one. After getting quality coffee beans from a trusted coffee roaster, a premises and furniture, there are a couple of other items that you will need to make the shop fully operational. Here are some of the additional things you will need to have.

Espresso machines for the bulk of your business

An espresso machine is your most important investment. Recent trends show that up to 80% of coffee drinkers prefer to give specific instructions on how they want their coffee. People no longer go to coffee shops for plain, black coffee, instead they go for lattes, mochas and cappuccinos which of course cost more than the regular black coffee, eventually driving up your revenues. Buying a new, high quality espresso machine that is within your budget and is relatively easy to operate and maintain will go a long way in bringing in and retaining customers.

Espresso coffee grinders for the espresso machine

When it comes to coffee, attention to detail and quality is key. This means that your espresso machine won't work as efficiently without the proper grind of quality coffee beans. Grinding coffee involves increasing the surface area of the beans to expose oils and soluble particles that give coffee its distinctive flavor and taste. A consistent size in grounds goes on to produce excellent quality coffee. This is where Espresso grinders come in as they produce the ultra-fine grind required for espresso machines to work at their best. It is recommended that you acquire a conical burr grinder for regular espresso beans, and another for decaf.

A commercial blender with a cover for frozen espresso-based drinks comes highly recommended as it noticeably decreases the noise.

Automatic drip coffee makers

While new blended drinks may be all the rage, around 30% of sales are attributed to plain, black coffee. Acquiring a machine that will produce high amounts of coffee without necessarily having to brew it multiple times a day is a worthwhile investment.

Freezers, fridges and miscellaneous 

Coffee shops require fresh food and dairy products that may be on display or need to be storedand whose design is streamlined enough to provide an appealing aesthetic and at the same time allow baristas to carry out their work with ease.

Ovens, toasters and cooking devices will also be necessary as most coffee shops have a small menu of hot foods. You will need them to increase the time spent on preparation of food, overall increasing efficiency.

Avoid buying cheap or used equipment

People who love their coffee will taste the difference if you buy cheap equipment, if it won't fail at an inopportune time. Used equipment is ill advised since it's very hard to tell the age and how well it was maintained. The lack of a warranty is also dangerous and may end up costing more when repairs and replacement are needed.

For more information on purchasing commercial coffee machines, contact a local professional.