4 Humidity Problems Cold Room Designs Should Address

Are you looking for a cold room to rent for your products? Read on and discover some of the potential humidity issues that a well-designed cold room should address. Use this information to select the best cold room for your needs.

Wet Floors, Walls and Conveyors

Ice can build up on floors, walls and material handling equipment, such as conveyors. This ice is usually the result of humidity that condenses and later freezes on the different surfaces that it gets into contact with. Slip-and-fall hazards can result if the humidity that causes surfaces to become wet isn't controlled or eliminated. Cold room designs should address these issues. For example, the floor should have non-slip finishes so that personnel are safe from the hazards posed by wet floors.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Ice can also accumulate on the evaporator coils until they freeze up. This can lower the efficiency of the cold room since energy will have to be used to defrost those evaporator coils. Such energy could have been saved if the design of the cold room catered for reducing the humidity that compels the system to run several defrost cycles in order to prevent the evaporator coils from freezing. It is therefore prudent for you to investigate what specific measures were taken to keep the evaporator coils in different cold rooms free from ice before you rent one of those cold rooms.

Frost Around Loading Docks

Accidents can occur around the loading docks of a cold room if the design of that cold room did not implement measures to prevent frost from having a negative effect on visibility at that loading area. Frost prevention measures may include setting up curtains to limit the ingress of ambient air into the conditioned air in the cold room. Dehumidifiers can also work to dry the air around the loading dock so that frost doesn't form as goods are taken in and out of the cold room.

Absorption of Moisture By Packaging

Cardboard cartons can absorb moisture and sag. This can put the safety of your products at risk because the packaging can fail at any time. Your workers may also be in harm's way from products that can fall on them when the moist cartons fail. You should therefore find out what measures are in place to prevent moisture from damaging cardboard packaging materials before you pick a cold room to hire.

As you can see, price should not be the only factor that you consider when you are searching for a cold room to hire. Humidity control plays an important role in determining how well a cold room will meet your needs. You should therefore take your time and select the facility with the best humidity control measures.