Why You Need to Be Very Careful When Defrosting a Fridge Freezer

If you think that your fridge freezer is not working as it should or notice that some stored food has "gone off" before its due date, you will be wondering what to do. You may open the freezer and peer into the back, only to see a huge block of ice affixed to the surface. It looks as if it's been some time since you defrosted the machine, so this could be the place to start. Read More 

Why Having a Set Maintenance Schedule Is Critical To Your Air Conditioning System

If you are like a majority of Australian homeowners, air conditioning maintenance typically translates into calling in the technicians when your system begins to sputter and show signs of imminent malfunction. You may think this is a logical approach to keeping your system in working condition, but the reality is that neglect for most times of the year is what accelerates the rate at which your air conditioner succumbs to wear. Read More 

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Coffee Shop

With the ever increasing demand for coffee consumption in the country, the idea of opening up a coffee shop may be an exciting and great investment decision that will not only bring in more income but will plug the need for a coffee shop in an area that lacks one or needs an additional one. After getting quality coffee beans from a trusted coffee roaster, a premises and furniture, there are a couple of other items that you will need to make the shop fully operational. Read More 

4 Humidity Problems Cold Room Designs Should Address

Are you looking for a cold room to rent for your products? Read on and discover some of the potential humidity issues that a well-designed cold room should address. Use this information to select the best cold room for your needs. Wet Floors, Walls and Conveyors Ice can build up on floors, walls and material handling equipment, such as conveyors. This ice is usually the result of humidity that condenses and later freezes on the different surfaces that it gets into contact with. Read More 

High And White-y: Choosing The Best Cake Display Cabinet For Displaying Your Wedding Cakes

Designing and creating wedding cakes can be a very lucrative business indeed, whether you're an established baker or a lone cake specialist. However, your cakes won't sell no matter how delicious they are if they aren't displayed to their best effect, and the level of craftsmanship and effort that goes into the average wedding cake is shown off to best effect by a dedicated cake display cabinet. However, cake display cabinets come in a variety of configurations and models, and choosing the right one for your cake displaying needs can be difficult. Read More